Install the Proxmark3 on Kali Linux

Install prerequisites

sudo apt-get install p7zip git build-essential libreadline5 libreadline-dev libusb-0.1-4 libusb-dev libqt4-dev perl pkg-config wget libncurses5-dev gcc-arm-none-eabi libpcsclite-dev pcscd

Get the latest revision of the official project or the Iceman fork with additional features:

git clone


git clone

Change directory to the recently cloned Proxmark3 repository

cd proxmark3

Compile the bootrom, OS and software.

make clean && make all

Kali users currently need to kill the Modem Manager:

killall ModemManager

Flash the boot ROM

./client/flasher /dev/ttyACM0 -b bootrom/obj/bootrom.elf

Flash the image

./client/proxmark3 /dev/ttyACM0 armsrc/obj/fullimage.elf

Start Proxmark

./client/proxmark3 /dev/ttyACM0

(Note: If the proxmark is not found it can be that it is on ttyACM1)